Weekend 390.0 (“Come on, let’s drive across to the Palisades”)

Music on Parade“…when you are stuck, with nothing in your head but your memories, and memories of memories, which form a map, some more recent than others, some about music, which you can almost hear, smashed into the spilling sounds of the segmented, centre-less city below, a vast imaginary landscape waiting to be discovered, about how you find what you are looking for sometimes by not directly looking at it, not by skimming the surface, not by checking what others have said, or cross-referencing what the facts are, but by heading off into the next tunnel, which curves away from now, away from the facts, picking up speed, in the bold direction of what happens next, a beautiful and dangerous new world, arriving and departing at the same time, stirring under our feet, containing secrets, turning above our heads, in the open air, suddenly.” – Paul Morley from Earthbound

It was a musically-inspired weekend, reaching a crescendo (hear what I did there?) with a copy of Miami Vice on vinyl from the flea market for $4. This album includes songs from Glenn Frey, Phil Collins, Jan Hammer, Tina Turner and Chaka Khan (pure 80s goodness). It doesn’t include “Brother In Arms” by Dire Straights from the episode “Out Where the Buses Don’t Run” (S2/E3) but maybe it’s on the second album. The lesser known instrumentals from Jan Hammer like “Flashback” and “Chase” still sound contemporary.

I’ve also been trading YouTube videos with Felicia. Here’s a roundup of our video swap (now available on YouTube as a playlist). Felicia is a Green Day / Billy Joel / Punk Rock fan.

“Overkill” from Colin Hay / Men At Work
“Wish You Were Here” from David Gilmour
“Palisades Park” from Counting Crows
Alternative Ulster HQ from Stiff Little Fingers
Graceland from Paul Simon
I Wish It Would Rain Down from Phil Collins
Is There Anybody Out There? from Pink Floyd
Whatsername from Green Day
She’s Always a Woman from Bill Joel
Yet Another Movie from Pink Floyd
Still Breathing from Green Day
Tunnel Of Love from Bruce Springsteen
Oh Love from Green Day
High Dive from Andrew McMahon
I’m On Fire from Brice Springsteen

Another friend asked me for a Disney inspired pre-trip playlist which I’ve posted below. The timing of the request is ironic since “Palisades Park” (quoted in the title and already in the draft before the request) is a defunct amusement park that closed in 1971 (the same year Walt Disney World opened). Also, “Tunnel Of Love” from Bruce Springsteen features a carnival/amusement park rather prominently.

Disney 2016 / 26 Songs / 1 hour, 35 minutes

I’ve provided context for most of these songs in previous posts but email if you want details re: artists and albums (some songs are of the rarer-variety).

Part 1
(1) Sounds Of The Frontierland Train Station (2) Into the Sunset (3) Recognizer (4) Naruto’s Theme (5) Giorgio by Moroder (6) Soarin’ (7) Spaceship Earth – AT&T Introduction (8) Les Poissons (9) Quel Temps Fait-Il a Paris (10) Intro / Tokyo (11) One more time, One more chance (12) Kingdom Hearts™ (Live)

Part 2
(13) Alone In Kyoto (14) Tomorrowland Transit Authority (15) Space Mountain Entrance (16) Star Tours (17) If You Had Wings (18) Walt Disney and the Sherman Brothers Sing (19) Canada (You’re a Lifetime Journey) / Wonders of China / Fiesta In Mexico (20) Love Theme from St. Elmo’s Fire (21) No Myth (22) A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (23) Father and Son (24) River Flows in You (25) We’ll Meet Again (26) Rhapsody In Blue

My postscript for Weekend 390.0 is from Mark Knopfler (and my second city).

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