Weekend 318.0 (…a virtual cornucopia of unmonastic beauty)

(1) 22 Habits of Unhappy People

(2) Everything Is Owed to Glory (WSJ – Registration Required)

“But Wellington was the servant of a democratic government, while all Europe became enslaved to Napoleon’s insatiable personal ambition.”

(2a) Churchill Still Stands Alone (WSJ)

“Churchill is the resounding human rebuttal to all Marxist historians who think history is the story of vast and impersonal economic forces. Time and again in his seven decades in public life, we can see the impact of his personality on the world and on events—far more of them than are now widely remembered.”

(3) Humanizing Religious Veneration (WSJ – Registration Required)

“The whole room is a virtual cornucopia of unmonastic beauty. This meditating saint may be ascetic, but he is certainly not otherworldly. The left-hand wall of his study has two mounted shelves. Books line the upper one. The bottom is filled with objets d’art. The secular and the religious exist in total psychological and pictorial harmony.”

(3a) Clear Creek Abbey October Newsletter

“No one knows exactly when this particular limestone statue was set there, but she had probably been in place since the twelfth century, when the Faith was still young in France and the Abbey…”

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