Weekend 305.0 (Redoubts 9 & 10)

I use email drafts like a notepad for interesting links and quotes. It also begins to accumulate other bits of data that eventually become uninterpretable (see below), as well as genuine correspondence that remain in permanent draft form. I thought it would be fun to post some of the contents…

(1) Facebook Lawyer: That Emotion-Manipulation Study Was About Customer Service (The Atlantic)

(2) “My father considered a walk among the mountains as the equivalent of churchgoing.” — Aldous Huxley

(3) Three quotes In Unfamiliar England by Thos D. Murphy:

(3a) “Uneasy lies the head which wears a crown.”

(3b) “The fine unrestored old church stands at the head of the street and the churchyard about it shows evidence of painstaking care.”

(3c) “But his unfinished work stands as a monument to his blighted hopes…”

(4) 0798

(5) Another left his shoes on the plane…his shoes.

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