Weekend 265.0 (Ponte Santa Trinita)

The Burning of Fairfield 5Bit of a creative rut lately (and very busy) but optimistic upcoming bike events (and coffee) will provide inspiration.

(1) Album review: Daft Punk, Random Access Memories

(2) Meditation on Mortality (WSJ)

“In 1759, on the night before the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City, British Gen. James Wolfe either recited the poem or listened to it read aloud (accounts vary). ‘I would rather have been the author of that piece than beat the French tomorrow,’ he is reported to have said. Wolfe defeated the French the next day, but he famously perished in the effort, providing a testament to what may be the central truth of Gray’s ‘Elegy’: ‘The paths of glory lead but to the grave.'”

(3) A Stained-Glass Update for Westminster Abbey (WSJ – Registration Required)

“‘The decision was made at the start not to do anything jarring,’ he said, adding he chose lilies and stars because they are symbols of the Virgin Mary, to whom the chapel was dedicated by Henry VII.”

(4) Feting Summer Music With Gutenberg’s Help (WSJ – Registration Required)

(5) Florist Mark Colle Springs Into Fashion (WSJ Magazine)

(6) Considering an Underground Park in New York (WSJ Magazine)

“Their work reflects the politics and aesthetics of their generation’s sensibility, which is all about being green, recycling, repurposing and community building through technology. But the connection to my generation—and to all New Yorkers, both permanent and transient—is that Ramsey and Barasch’s inclination toward technology, green space and community stands tall, but not so tall as to cast in shadow their dedication to art, the urban and the gritty.”

(6a) Léger: Modern Art and the Metropolis

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