Weekend 224.0 (Gastby, crabs, and budgets)

This post could have several titles like “the unreality of reality” or “the end game of postmodernism.”

(1) All the Presidents’ Heads (Futurama)

(2) Brand Takes a Tweeting (WSJ)

(2a) The Great Barry: Self-invention on shifting postmodern sands by Mark Steyn

(3) Breaking the tax and spend cycle (Fairfield Minuteman)

“In fact, in our three years as members of the RTM, the Democrats have yet to propose a single budget reduction for vote on the floor of the RTM.”

(3a) Three years and no Senate budget (Washington Times)

“April 29 will mark three years since Senate Democrats passed a budget. This dereliction of duty flagrantly violates the 1974 Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act.”

The bust of Sir Winston Churchill in a London bookstore.

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