Weekend 222.1 (Bike Expo New York)

Playmobil Bike III attended Bike Expo New York on Saturday and rode the Brompton from Grand Central to Basketball City (Pier 36). This was the inaugural show and the venue/format/programming was good. I also believe this show will look very different (more exhibitors and bigger crowds) in 2013+ because of the growing popularity of cycling.

The biggest complaint- my British Racing Green Brompton was a bit of a show stopper. And this HAS nothing to do with conceit. This is a beautiful machine and I was stopped several times and asked the following:

(1) Did you purchase that here?
(2) Are they exhibiting?
(3) Is it heavy?
(4) How much did it cost?
(5) Where can I get one (NYCeWheels)?
(6) Where was it made?

My only regret? I missed the BE Chic, BE NY fashion show and some of the other programming (A Cargo Course: Packs, Racks, and Baskets). And this was my own fault…I planned poorly because the emails for the event were informative (and sent it perfect volume).

Notable Exhibitors
(1) Nutcase Helmets of Portland Oregon

(2) The Pedal Pushers Club

(3) Loving Life, Rolling Orange

(4) Timbuk2 and Bike Friday also had booths

Sites (the trek from Grand Central)
(5) The Complete Traveller Antiquarian Bookstore

(6) Picture of the Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center) from the West Side. This was taken with an iPad II.

(7) New York City Cycling Map

(8) A New Version Of London’s Bike Map, Inspired By The Tube

(9) Concept art by Anna Shukeylo. This has a very urban sketch kind of feel

(9a) BONUS: Cathedral by Anna Shukeylo

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