Weekend 177.0

Barclays Cycle Hire(1) Best feet forward: Fairfield forum for cyclists, walkers (Fairifeld Citizen)

(2) The Sleepless Elite: Why Some People Can Run on Little Sleep and Get So Much Done (Wall Street Journal)

(3) How Smartphones Can Improve Public Transit

(4) George Osborne must act before Britain is sucked into the euro whirlpool

(5) Knowing What Isn’t So (Wall Street Journal)

“Common sense is also inclined to conclude that individual successes (and failures) are determined by inherent qualities rather than by unpredictable circumstance…Ecclesiastes told us that time and chance happeneth to all, but we easily forget.”

(6) The Furniture Frontline (Wall Street Journal)

Upcycling – The process of turning used materials into better quality goods.

(6a) Poetry Happens

Related Quotes

The wind goeth towards the south and turneth about unto the north – it whirleth about continually and the wind returneth again according to his circuits.
— Ecclesiastes 1:6

It isn’t what people don’t know that hurts them; it’s what they know for sure that ain’t so.
— Anonymous

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