Weekend 174.0

I was finally able to ride this morning. It was blue and crispy and the five boroughs approach. I also have a new route this season which takes me away from the beach BUT it’s a little more challenging.

I have three to-day from the Wall Street Journal and one fabulous quote (and one a forlorn monk can truly appreciate).

(1) What a Good Coach Does (WSJ)

(2) The Gift of Self-Forgetfulness (WSJ)

(3) A True Adventure at Sea and on Shore (WSJ)

“Just when I think, I’m free as a dove / Old devil moon, deep in your eyes, blinds me with love.” – E.Y. Harburg

My brother broke the solemnity with a counter-quote: “Stop living in the shadows. You have a life to live.” In case you are wondering- it’s from an ad for Low T. What would I do without him?

(4) Petite Bibliothèque de Curiosités – Amedeo Tosetti and his Nogai pedallers and cycling Tartars!

“Brought up in Petersburg, the prince, unlike his companions, had the advantage of a university education and became enthralled by the mysteries of mechanics, especially by those of a new invention, that seemed to over innumerable possibilities: the bicycle / The prince, heartbroken, married a rich Armenian who had been captured in Odessa, and founded in Bucharest the first factory of Rumanian bicycles.”

Source: The Dictionary of Imaginary Places by Alberto Manguel and Gianni Guadalupi

(4a) François Rabelais

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