Weekend 168.0

(1) A review of ‘Summer Wars’ in the Wall Street Journal.

“The script takes a mildly satiric stance toward a new world order in which the disjointed abstractions of online life have pretty much replaced the traditions of social interaction.”

Upgrading the World

“At their best, videogames strike me as a form of art. Like all art, they can augment outer reality and shape our inner reality—but they do this by the very nature of the fact that they are not reality but a Place Apart. Being awestruck at “Halo” does not entail awe any more than “grieving” for Cordelia entails grief. Rather, art at its most serious is a sort of exercise, a formative practice for life—like meditation, only more fun.”

(2) Little gems like this is why I love the Wall Street Journal

“In 1981, we decided to go in a quite different direction for the look of our room—in the mood and arrangements of furniture, pictures, collections and lighting. We left spare “contemporary”—or it left us. We surrendered to comfort and light, to surrounding ourselves with things we really loved, objects that meant something to us.”

Limestone Commentary: I still want the Eames Desk.

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