Limestone Roof
Limestone Roof

Thursday, November 29, 2007

That's not Bender

The image is from the 2400 A.D. play book. It is the first in a series of posts featuring robots and it will culminate with my predictions for 2008.

The play book is quite clever. It has three sections- (1) A chronology of the Tzorg invasion, (2) journal of a rebel, and (3) weapons/items/robots.

What I appreciate about the old PC titles is the richness of their play books as well as the generosity of their contents (I'll save the gushing for the cloth map in Ultima IV and V). 2400 A.D. shipped with a map, reference card, play book and 3 metal robots.

Once upon a time...I found Chuck's email address online and sent him the following:
Thanks for creating 2400 AD. It's an incredible game (with a great storyline) that IS actually better than the crap packaged and shipped today. I just solved it again on a IIE emulator. I still have the original box and 5 1/2 floppy with the tiny metal robots (I lost the map). Anyway, certain you receive emails like this all the time, but I wanted to thank you for your pioneering and innovative efforts.
He actually wrote back (which for me is like the equivalent for some of sitting next to an author or actor on a flight).
Thanks for the note. Those games are drifting farther and farther into the past and it's always good to hear from someone who's been able to have some fun with them. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

A bit of trivia for you: We actually had to hand fold every box that went out the door way back when. Of course, that's when we duplicated the floppies by hand also, using a big bay of drives and computers...
He was an industry pioneer, created a dystopia that included robots (and a subway), and was cool enough to email me back ;-).

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