Limestone Roof
Limestone Roof

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Robots, robots, robots...

The blogger with many visions™ isn't ready to post his 2008 predictions but all models call for oodles of robots. This is the year of the robot and if you haven't purchased robot insurance you should call your representative at Old Glory ASAP.

The screenshot is from 2400 A.D., a game (RPG) released in 1987 by Chuck "Chuckles" Bueche and Origin Systems. In the game, you are cast as a member of the underground trying to save the city of Nova Athens from the robot police force installed by the Tzorgs (alien occupiers). Your objective is to locate the central control console and deactivate the robot control system.

"Rationing of food commences throughout Nova Athens. Sporadic, though increasingly organized resistance to the Tzorg Robots in Metropolis results in the imposition of indefinite jail sentences for inhabitants with five or more Social Demerits. As more Metropolis residents are jailed or disappear, workers from other Tzorg-held territories are imported to replace them. The frequency of contraband checks increases. A member of the Underground discovers a secret route into the Tzorg Authority Complex."

The game could be classified as a dystopia.

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