Weekend 306.0

(1) World Cup themed episode of Disney’s Mickey Mouse shorts debuts

(2) Playmobil channels Mary Blair?

(3) Book Review: ‘Bicycle Design: An Illustrated History’ by Tony Hadland and Hans-Erhard Lessing (WSJ – Registration Required)

(4) What Type of Camera Clicks for You? (WSJ)

(5) How about some lyrics from Green River Ordinance?

Put on your old black dress
And grab your dancing shoes.
Head out to the old bar Rose
and we’ll dance away our blues.
Spent all week waiting
Now my mind’s on you.
Hold my loving arms, my loving arms are for you.

I’m so tired of the nine to five weighing down on my soul
Let’s get out all of this uptown life and head out on the country road.
Forget about all the things that we can’t make right
Put on a little Emmyloo, and we’ll dance into the night.

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