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Weekend 295.0

(1) Reaching My Autistic Son Through Disney (NY TIMES)

(2) Book Review: ‘Whistler’ by Daniel E. Sutherland (WSJ – Registration Required)

“Unity and coherence in Whistler’s life, Mr. Sutherland suggests, came solely through creative purpose.”

Weekend 294.0

(1) 10 Need-To-Know Fun Facts About The Wind Rises (D23)

(1a) The Wind Rises: Directed by Hayao Miyazaki (Rolling Stone)

“The wind is rising.
We must try to live.”
— Paul Valéry

(2) Digital Love Story: Boy Meets Girl on Flickr

Weekend 293.0

(1) The beauty of the UK’s loneliest bus stops (BBC)

(2) Forget Dystopian Fiction. Sochi Is Pure Dystopian Reality (Wired)

Weekend 292.0

(1) Brompton Bicycle shows British manufacturing how to shift up a gear

(2) Playmobil kicks off 40th year with double award win

(3) Buying With the Bitcoin Crowd (Wall Street Journal)

Weekend 291.1

(1) Finn the Human and Princess Bubblegum in the new Honda Civic ad

Weekend 291.0

(1) A Good Book Is a Good Friend (The Huffington Post)

(2) How Real is Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’? Artificial Intelligence Experts Weigh In (WSJ)

(2a) Tech Time Warp of the Week: In 1959, a Fitbit Weighed 2,000 Pounds (Wired)

(3) Learning to Love Life on the Downslope (WSJ)

I know there shall be enjoyments for me
Amid sorrows, cares and anxieties:
At times I again will be intoxicated by harmony,
Weep over my fantasy’s creation,
And perhaps on my sad sunset
Love will shine its farewell smile.

(4) Looking for a New Old House? (WSJ)

“Even with extra shipping costs, panelization saves time and money and is more precise than increasingly expensive on-site building, said Mr. Connor: ‘Traditional architecture is probably going to be saved by robotic carpentry.’”

(4a) Selling the Dwelling: The Books That Built America’s Houses, 1775-2000

(4b) stephanie robb architect

*Scan is from ROBO FORCE™, 1984

Weekend 290.0 [And this is my deputy, McMillan and Wife.]

(1) Playmobil celebrates 40th anniversary with special edition products (Toy News)

(1a) ITVS GE signs with Playmobil for Super 4 animation

(2) The fructose kingpin. Photo by Kristin H.

(3) data, data, data

*The scan is a postcard from the 1939 New York World’s Fair — THE DONUT CASINO in the Health Building, 300 ft. from the Theme Center on Constitution Mall.

Trappist Monks

(1) Monks in Spencer launch brewery (Boston Globe)

Credit: Catherine A

Weekend 289.0

(1) The map that saved the London Underground (BBC)

(2) How to Save Detroit: The Motor City needs help. Why not turn it into Hong Kong? (WSJ)

(2a) Foundations Aim to Save Pensions in Detroit Crisis (NY Times)

Credit: WOPR

(3) Forgotten Messages From the Angry 1930s (WSJ)

New Year’s Day 2014

Any predictions (bold or otherwise)? Resolutions or regrets?

One of my resolutions for 2014 is to work on more creative projects. On that note…

Just launched Playmobil365. The site is a year long photo tribute to Playmobil in honor of their 40th Anniversary.

*The scan is from Here Is New York City (1962) by Susan Elizabeth Lyman and Dorothy W. Furman. Illustrated by Mary Royt and George Buctel

Weekend 288.0

(1) These 20 Pictures Of Expo 67 Will Leave You Speechless. There Are No Words

(1a) ‘Norman Bel Geddes: I Have Seen the Future’ (WSJ)

(2) As City Cycling Grows, So Does Bike Tax Temptation

(3) Horst Brandstätter My Last Meal: The octogenarian head of Playmobil shares lunch at the staff canteen of the company he runs and loves (DECEMBER / JANUARY 2013/14 issue of Monocle)

“If I could eat with anyone it would be [Konrad] Adenauer [first post-war West German chancellor] and I would like to discuss the global economic situation. I don’t understand it because I have a company. At the end of the year I need black figures, not red. The government gets so much money from taxes; I don’t understand why they cannot make their budget work.”

(4) American Gothic (WSJ)

(4a) Iconic Architecture Card Game

(5) Dish Towels to Dry For (WSJ)

(6) Classic Ski Lifts: The best classic ski lifts, from Vermont to Colorado, let you relax, reflect and enjoy the scenery (WSJ)

“As Klaus Obermeyer, founder of ski-gear maker Sport Obermeyer, once observed, it’s much easier to score a date on a creeping double chair than on a sprinting quad. Here are five old-school transports that offer a break from the hustle.”

(7) Infographic: The Selfie Syndrome – How Social Media Is Making Us Narcissistic

(8) First ever Scalextric set from more than 50 years ago is given to inventor’s grandchildren as a Christmas present (Daily Mail)

*The scan is from Here Is New York City (1962) by Susan Elizabeth Lyman and Dorothy W. Furman. Illustrated by Mary Royt and George Buctel

Christmas Day 2013

“What’s lost is nothing to what’s found, and all the death that ever was, set next to life, would scarcely fill a cup.”

— Frederick Buechner

2013 Christmas Poem (by Mum)

New England Ice StormHOST OF DAYS

I watched a gyre of leaves…caught up in a rustling spin
When admidst the whirl…a bird broke free
Minding me to look within.

I long embraced the sun…stirred by the pleasure of time
‘Til its piercing gaze…blazed a goodbye
Scolding to sip the sublime.

Cloaks of snow buttoned down…I hardly could bear the guise
Frosted lace on pine…whitewashed the Spring
Warming new growth to its rise.

My eyes are drawn above…T’ward the sky’s clouded caprice
Sheer veil…fast in place where angels sing
Sheathing my heart in clear Peace.

I relished fire’s crackle…fervid flames rekindled zeal
Puffs of hickory…kissing my nose
Igniting the Joy I feel.

I saw mist flash its bow…I skated the glass of lake
Mused myriad moods of the ocean…
Reigning o’er turns my life takes.



Weekend 287.0 (New England Snow)

Should have saved that Chris Ware scan for this weekend! It’s snowing in New England and I’m scrambling to find a Wall Street Journal.

Wednesday Delivery!

(1) Town receives grant for road enhancements (Fairfield-Sun)

(2) The top 5 cities for cycling breaks (Business Destinations)