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2013 Christmas Poem (by Mum)

New England Ice StormHOST OF DAYS

I watched a gyre of leaves…caught up in a rustling spin
When admidst the whirl…a bird broke free
Minding me to look within.

I long embraced the sun…stirred by the pleasure of time
‘Til its piercing gaze…blazed a goodbye
Scolding to sip the sublime.

Cloaks of snow buttoned down…I hardly could bear the guise
Frosted lace on pine…whitewashed the Spring
Warming new growth to its rise.

My eyes are drawn above…T’ward the sky’s clouded caprice
Sheer veil…fast in place where angels sing
Sheathing my heart in clear Peace.

I relished fire’s crackle…fervid flames rekindled zeal
Puffs of hickory…kissing my nose
Igniting the Joy I feel.

I saw mist flash its bow…I skated the glass of lake
Mused myriad moods of the ocean…
Reigning o’er turns my life takes.



Weekend 287.0 (New England Snow)

Should have saved that Chris Ware scan for this weekend! It’s snowing in New England and I’m scrambling to find a Wall Street Journal.

Wednesday Delivery!

(1) Town receives grant for road enhancements (Fairfield-Sun)

(2) The top 5 cities for cycling breaks (Business Destinations)

Weekend 286.0

(1) Brompton aims to boost sales in New York

(2) Why bike sharing benefits everyone (even if you already own a bike)

(3) Masdar: the shifting goalposts of Abu Dhabi’s ambitious eco-city

(4) The Tokyo tourist guide

(5) Playmobil Xplory Stroller: They say that it’s the little things in life that make us happy and I can hand on heart say, that my happiness this weekend came in the form of a small box of Playmobil.

*Illustration from Building Stories by Chris Ware

Thanksgiving Weekend 2013 (ISON Edition)

This is a close approximation!

(1) Eastern and Western attitudes about life explained in 18 simple infographics

Credit: Felicia

(2) Drivers Get Rolled: Bicyclists are making unreasonable claims to the road—and winning

(2a) Road safety minister to ride Brompton on tour of London’s danger spots

(2b) The Safest Suburb In The World Did It By Ending The Culture Of Cars (Co.Exist)

(3) Why Japan is Crazy About Housing

(4) German Playmobil exhibition kicks off 40th anniversary celebrations (ToyNews)

(5) Computer Scientist David Gelernter: Can the computer scientist help make computers more intuitive? (WSJ)

(6) Why Productive People Get Up Insanely Early (Fast Company)

(7) A quote from Nicholas Frankovich

“Convents and monasteries are famously clean and spare, attractive because of their poverty, not despite it. When your food, water, medicine, shelter, and acess to fresh air and sunlight are adequate, every possession in excess of what you need to maintain them amounts to a distraction from your pursuit and enjoyment of the one thing necessary.”

(8) Donovan not set for Everton return (ESPN FC)

Weekend 285.0

(1) ‘Non-Stop’ by Jack El-Hai: How a small local carrier grew into the most debonair of airlines before declining into “Northworst.” (WSJ)

(2) 20 Odd Questions for Designer Marcel Wanders (WSJ)

With design, the most common mistake is: to think it’s about functionality. If something is functional, you no longer think about it. I care about how meaningful things are.”

(3) ‘The Power of Glamour’ by Virginia Postrel: What is glamour? A dream of flight to a perfect world, of being transformed into who you want to be. (WSJ – Registration Required)

“In the end, when history, art and advertising have been combed for evidence, we are left with the idea of a dream of flight to a perfect world and a process of transformation that will (presumably) turn the aspirant into the person he or she wants to be—a concept necessarily rendered bittersweet by the knowledge that, save in exceptional circumstances, the dream is unlikely to get off the ground. To the fascinated observer, its allure lies in the existence of an abstraction, tantalizingly elusive to begin with, whose manifestations can end up light years away from its source.”

(4) A House Rooted in Nature (WSJ)

(5) ‘Ecstatic Nation’ by Brenda Wineapple (WSJ)

“But her descriptions of public events are beautiful. ‘On a sunny, warm Wednesday, May 23, [1865] Washington decked itself out for a two-day victory parade’ by the armies of Meade and Sherman. Abraham Lincoln, assassinated just five weeks before, ‘should have been in the reviewing stand,’ all agreed. ‘Clover Hooper said, ‘It was a strange feeling to be so intensely happy and triumphant, and yet to feel like crying.’”

“Alright Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up”

(1) Selfies Say ‘Lonely’: Real relationships are based on knowing a person, his flaws as well as his strengths.

“Real relationships aren’t based on illusion. They’re based on knowing a person, both his flaws and his strengths, his weaknesses and his traits that suggest the promise of a better someone developing in the future.

Photographs taken by others can capture traits and aspects of ourselves we’d rather not highlight, whether it be acne or awkwardness. Sure, allowing such photographs may decrease how many online “friends” or “followers” we have. But they’ll also liberate us, allowing us to be the kind of people who would rather be befriended and loved than admired and envied.”

Weekend 284.0

(1) A resort train winds through Kyushu (NHKWorld)

(2) Model R.R. (Pop Pop)

Brake Shoes

(1) Metro North Pron! Photo by ©JBOT

(2) 7 Modern A-Frame Homes (Dwell)

(3) A quote from Do Ho Suh

“You don’t pay attention to the space between the landmarks, and the way we look at history is the same—we only remember the so-called important historical events.”

(3a) Long Live Southbank: The Bigger Picture

Weekend 283.0 (You’re the bloody barrister!)

Model Building Lobby(1) Miniature City Models Around the World: From the Panorama of the City of New York to Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany, downscaled versions of real places (WSJ)

“Why do tiny things delight us so? From early childhood we’re captivated by model train sets and dollhouses, miniature worlds that can inspire flights of imagination. We needn’t relinquish those pleasures just because we’ve grown up: Meticulously crafted models of real-life landscapes await discovery around the globe. One of the most intriguing, the Panorama of the City of New York, built for the 1964 New York World’s Fair, reopens to the public today, as does its home, the Queens Museum, fresh from a three-year overhaul.”

(1a) Panorama of the City of New York

(2) Icon of a Fair, a Borough, the World (WSJ)

(3) 101 Airports (Dwell)

(4) When Being Alone Turns Into Loneliness, There Are Ways to Fight Back (WSJ)

“Researchers at Brigham Young University studying the correlation between social relationships and mortality did a 2010 meta-analysis of 148 studies encompassing more than 300,000 participants. They found loneliness was as strong a predictor of early death as was alcoholism or smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and it was a stronger predictor than obesity or a sedentary lifestyle.”

(5) Artist Do Ho Suh Explores the Meaning of Home (WSJ Magazine)

(6) GIANT tyre/tire

2 from the ‘Son of a Florist’ files…

(7) 101Florals – a collaborative pattern project by illustrators Lindsay Nohl & Llew Mejia

(7a) A Thanksgiving Centerpiece Inspired by a Cy Twombly Painting (WSJ)

(7b) Patterned paper flowers @ Folksy

Weekend 282.0

(1) Churchill Is Home Again and Here to Stay (WSJ)

(2) Cooking Up a Kitchen With Character (WSJ)

(3) The future of the Astrodome

Birth By Sleep Reboot

Thanks WOPR!

(1) What is Kingdom Hearts? The entire Kingdom Hearts series explained.

(2) 15 Times Disney Villains Were Just Trying To Be Helpful

Weekend 281.0

(1) The 5 Keys to Keeping (Real) Friends (WSJ)

“Friends need as much if not more tending as a garden of flowers. Because friendship lies at the center of good and flourishing lives, every one of us needs to be good at this special kind of gardening. The examples of Ruth and Nisus, Emilie du Chatelet and the Bloomsbury writers, show us how to do it.”

(2) Teenagers Are Driving Less, But Why? (WSJ)

(3) Hot Air and High Aspirations (WSJ – Registration Required)

(4) New Mickey Mouse Short: O Sole Minnie

Short Trivia!

(4a) The name of the whale?
(4b) Poster of the whale adorns which attraction in WDW?
(4c) Tribute to famous Disney artist and attraction?

(5) Closing day at Belmont.

Swift’s Houyhnhnms

(1) TED talks are lying to you (Salon)

Credit: WOPR

Weekend 280.0

I always post lists without any context so this post concludes with some [context]. And highly experimental since pronouns are rubbish.

(1) ‘Mars Attacks’ again, 50 years later (USA Today)

(2) The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival Ends

(2a) Chris Ware: ‘There is a magic when you read an image that moves in your mind’ (The Guardian)

(3) What Do Pedestrian Traffic Icons Say About Your Culture? (WSJ)

(4) On Paper: The Everything of Its Two-Thousand-Year History (Publishers Weekly)

(5) Iconic Airports: Where Are They Now?

(5a) This Weekend, Your Last Chance to See Eero Saarinen’s TWA Flight Center at JFK (The Daily Traveler)

Limestone Roof Bucket List

(5b) Standard Hotel Heads to the Airport with Plans to Takeover TWA Flight Center

(6) Why All the Fuss About Proust? (WSJ)

“After all, the story couldn’t be simpler. It’s about a young man of an unspecified age who enjoys reading, who is shy and introspective, but not necessarily awkward or antisocial, who likes his mother, who wants to travel to Venice but, because of poor health, never quite manages to do so until later in life. Marcel, the hero of Proust’s autobiographical novel, loves nature, music, restaurants, hotels, beaches, churches, art, theater, Paris, fantasizes about friendships and girls, dissects the grown-ups around him with no less unforgiving irony and acuity than when he studies himself, and ultimately worships the good and beautiful things of life, hoping one day to craft the story of his maturation as a human being and as an artist.”

From the ‘Son of a Florist’ files…

(7) A Flower Arrangement Inspired by Balthus (WSJ)

*Illustration by Herb Ryman, 1959

(1) My friend was cleaning her desk at work and gave me a pack. They are very reminiscent of the Bowman: Jets, Rockets, and Spacemen set from 1951.

(2 and 2a) Biked to the festival last November in search of an autograph from Chris Ware. Met Mr. Ware BUT the highlight of the show was the discovery of a little comic by Jen Tong called Find My Light. This was a great show and sad to see it end.

(3) Unhealthy preoccupation with icons and signage.

(4) A complement to Paper: An Elegy by Ian Sansom.

(5, 5a, 5b, and 5c) Missed the tour because of the Con but one day in the not so distant future it will be a hotel! This article from the Wall Street Journal on September 13 on Eero is a must read.

“The structural and rational cannot always take precedent [sic] when another form proves more beautiful.”

(6) Found Proust via Alain de Botton (A Week at the Airport and The Architecture of Happiness) and In Search of Lost Time is worth a gander (use your library card). I also like A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by Joyce

(7) My beautiful mum is a gifted florist.