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Weekend 305.0 (Redoubts 9 & 10)

I use email drafts like a notepad for interesting links and quotes. It also begins to accumulate other bits of data that eventually become uninterpretable (see below), as well as genuine correspondence that remain in permanent draft form. I thought it would be fun to post some of the contents…

(1) Facebook Lawyer: That Emotion-Manipulation Study Was About Customer Service (The Atlantic)

(2) “My father considered a walk among the mountains as the equivalent of churchgoing.” — Aldous Huxley

(3) Three quotes In Unfamiliar England by Thos D. Murphy:

(3a) “Uneasy lies the head which wears a crown.”

(3b) “The fine unrestored old church stands at the head of the street and the churchyard about it shows evidence of painstaking care.”

(3c) “But his unfinished work stands as a monument to his blighted hopes…”

(4) 0798

(5) Another left his shoes on the plane…his shoes.

Weekend 304.0 (1958)

Weekend 303.0 “Lars Porsena of Clusium”

(1) When a Monarch Calls It Quits: A history of royal abdication, from Tarquin the Proud in 509 B.C. to Juan Carlos of Spain (WSJ – Registration Required)

(2) Artists’ Long Struggle to Get Just the Right Color (WSJ – Registration Required)

(2a) Making Colour at the National Gallery

Weekend 302.0 (And sunday always comes too late)

I think it’s like a nervous tick or something, but sometimes I get a song stuck in my head and then it takes days to get dislodged. This time it’s “Friday I’m In Love” by the Cure.

It’s the 146th running of the Belmont Stakes and there are a couple of articles in the WSJ about Belmont this weekend.

Belmont is a special place for me and I used to go with my Pop Pop (and still go with my dad, brother(s), and bear).

Belmont from the Limestone Roof Photo Archives.

(1) Everyday Hands Keep Belmont Park on Track (WSJ)

“Mr. Grossman, 48, said that if California Chrome finishes first on Saturday—becoming the first horse to win the Triple Crown in more than three decades—he planned to play “Sentimental Journey,” the 1944 song made famous by Doris Day, performing with Les Brown and His Band of Renown.”

(2) A Belmont Guide for Race Fans of Every Breed (WSJ)

(3) A Supreme Confidence: A level-headed leader of men and nations—Eisenhower is revered today by both conservatives and liberals. (WSJ)

Weekend 301.0 (Memorial Day Weekend)

My sister always lends me great books and she found a real gem with In Unfamiliar England by Thos D. Murphy. Only forty pages invested, and there’s already been references to monastic ruins, martyrs, crusaders, and the Chicago World’s Fair. This is lembas for a stoic Anglophile.

(1) Scare Away The Dark by Passenger (YouTube)

(2) Disney Legends recall Walt Disney and the ‘Yes, if….’ way of management (Theme Park Insider)

“The panelists also talked about days when Walt wore ‘the bear suit’ and was best avoided. His future-focused management style did not preclude him from being a human being, with mood swings, and lashing out at folks now and then.”

(3) Jim Zub On Marvel and Disney’s Upcoming FIGMENT Comic (Nerdist)

(4) A quote from In Unfamiliar England by Thos D. Murphy:

“Here stands the impressive ruin, with the stagnant waters of its old-time moat still surrounding the towering keep and shattered walls. It was quite deserted, apparently serving the neighboring farmer as a hen-roost. We learned little of its history, but the mystery, due to our very ignorance, together with the sad abandon of Caister Castle, makes it appeal to our imagination more strongly than many a well-cared-for ruin whose story has become commonplace.”

(4a) Changing Nature (WSJ)

(5) Will the 2014 World Cup Soccer Ball Score? (WSJ)

1 from the ‘Son of a Florist’ files…

(6) ‘Chasing the Rose’ by Andrea di Robilant (WSJ – Registration Required)

Unfamilar Shrines

(1) From secret doorways to hidden messages, captivating illustrations reveal the stories behind New York’s mosaic Subway signs (Daily Mail)

Credit: Stephen L

(2) The Narcissistic Creed: When preening replaces thinking, our ability to engage in responsible self-government is diminished (National Review)

“But they are enchanted by the unique witchcraft of the age of social media, the totemic power of the digital expression of the self. It is not accidental that the only good selfie in the history of world leaders came well before the invention of Twitter from a man with an ego sufficiently robust not to require the constant reinforcement that is the psychic lifeblood of Millennials (and Washingtonians well old enough to know better), without which they find themselves paralyzed.”

Weekend 300.0 (Rare 3 Day Weekend)

…and great timing because my Space Mountain Graphic Novel just arrived!

Weekend 279.0 (Post Con/Abridged)

(1) A quote from Hayao Miyazaki in The Art of the Wind Rises:

“I don’t want to obscure architecture by using sepia tones; thus we will be bold with East Asian colors of modernism. Roads are bumpy and uneven. Shop signs and billboards line up chaotically. Jumbles of wooden utility poles are everywhere.”

(1a) “…a fragment spared by time.” — FDR

(2) Struggling Malls Suffer When Sears, Penney Leave: Loss of Anchor Tenants Can Accelerate Downward Spiral (WSJ – Registration Required)

(3) Last Call for Metro-North’s Bar Car: ‘Café Cars’ Have Been Operating on the Metro-North New Haven Line for at Least 50 Years (WSJ)

(4) The Instant Family Heirloom (WSJ)

(5) Picking Among Low-End Flowers in Advance of Mother’s Day (WSJ)

*Scan is from Space Mountain written by Bryan Q. Miller and illustrated by Kelley Jones

Weekend 299.0 (Great Company)

(1) Horst Brandstätter inducted into Hall of Fame by Toy Industry Association (Playmobil Collectors Club)

“He received the award for his outstanding role in the growth and development of the North American Toy Industry and hereby joins famous leaders like F.A.O. Schwarz, George Lucas or Walt Disney.”

(2) One of my Playmobil365.com photos.

(2a) Need to recreate this frame from Clannad: After Story for Playmobil365.com.

(3) Kogepan!!!!

Weekend 298.0 (Anniversary Edition)

Rubik’s Cube joins a list of pop culture icons celebrating significant anniversaries in 2014. The list already includes; Playmobil, 1964/65 New York World’s Fair, MST3K, Ford Mustang, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and the Nintendo Game Boy.

(1) Rubik’s Cube Proves It’s Hip to be Square: Fortieth Anniversary of Toy Celebrated with Art Exhibition (WSJ)

(1a) Classic design plastic: Playmobil comes of age (The Guardian)

(2) The Rise of the ‘Shelfie': Instagram’s Next Craze (WSJ)

“The trend for creating assemblages extends further than Instagram…Thanks, in part, to the heritage movement and our collective obsession with the past and the authentic, anything legitimately old, scarred, patinated, obsolete, handcrafted or organic has held particular allure.”

(2a) The Stuff of Life by Hilary Robertson

(3) The Swedish Cottage in Central Park


(1) My little collector (Brattleboro Reformer)

“Mark McKinley, writing in ‘The National Psychologist,’ lists the many reasons why humans collect things: for fun and enjoyment, connecting with others who share similar interests, or viewing it as a big quest. Still others derive pleasure from ‘experimenting with arranging, re-arranging, and classifying parts of a-big-world-out-there.’ According to McKinley, collecting can also serve as a means of control to elicit a comfort zone in one’s life — a way to calm fears and ease insecurity.”

Weekend 297.0 (Easter 2014)

(1) ‘Let Us Be Lights of Hope!’ by Pope Francis (Parade)

Credit: Kim L

(2) Yorkshire arts festival to mark Tour de France launch (BBC)

(3) Bike-Share Wobbles On Path to Prosperity (WSJ)

(4) World’s Fair Anniversary Turns Attention to New York State Pavilion (WSJ)

(5) A rainbow over St Pancras: vivid new sculpture unveiled at transport hub (London Evening Standard)

*Scan is from the Official New York World’s Fair Game by MILTON BRADLEY

Weekend 296.0

NYC Cityscape“I hope you are teaching Quality to your students.”
— Sarah to Phaedrus (Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance)

(1) Commuting: The Joys of the Brompton Bicycle

(2) Northampton’s Traditional Shoemaking Revival (WSJ Magazine)

(3) Designer Konstantin Grcic on Dream Cars, Puffed-Up Trends (WSJ)

“My greatest passion today is: bicycles, specifically small-wheeled ones. I have an old Moulton with its so-called “F” frame. The [circa 1960s] design by Alexander Moulton is one of the first modern bikes with front and rear suspension.”

(4) AOC adds wall-hung bicycles and basket-weave flooring to London townhouse (Dezeen)

*Scan is from Cut & Assemble New York Harbor, 1986

Weekend 295.0

(1) Reaching My Autistic Son Through Disney (NY TIMES)

(2) Book Review: ‘Whistler’ by Daniel E. Sutherland (WSJ – Registration Required)

“Unity and coherence in Whistler’s life, Mr. Sutherland suggests, came solely through creative purpose.”

Weekend 294.0

(1) 10 Need-To-Know Fun Facts About The Wind Rises (D23)

(1a) The Wind Rises: Directed by Hayao Miyazaki (Rolling Stone)

“The wind is rising.
We must try to live.”
— Paul Valéry

(2) Digital Love Story: Boy Meets Girl on Flickr

Weekend 293.0

(1) The beauty of the UK’s loneliest bus stops (BBC)

(2) Forget Dystopian Fiction. Sochi Is Pure Dystopian Reality (Wired)