Christmas Eve 2017

“The monastic tradition has seen and done almost everything in its long history. Its most lasting achievement, however, has been to chart the royal way of holiness for the entire Church.” – Francis Kline, Lovers of the Place: Monasticism Loose in the Church The men saving history from ISIS: In the face of danger, a […]

That great fiction…

(1) We Live In The Dystopia Young Adult Fiction Warns Us About: Young adult fiction is awash in projections of a dystopian future, yet we’re still sliding into that future, and young adults are going along with it. (The Federalist) “Complain about any of this, and where will it get you? Anyone who expresses dissent […]

…a place of refreshment, light, and peace.

Weekend 399.1 (Listening to Ella…all night long)

Richard Florida Is Sorry: For years, Richard Florida preached the gospel of the creative class. His new book is a mea culpa. (JACOBIN)

Weekend 396.0

What the Bird Said Early in the Year by C.S. Lewis I heard in Addison’s Walk a bird sing clear: This year the summer will come true. This year. This year. Winds will not strip the blossom from the apple trees This year, nor want of rain destroy the peas. This year time’s nature will […]

Weekend 385.0

“I have found the still point around which the whole country revolves without knowing it.” – Thomas Merton A quote from The Prayer of Love and Silence by a Carthusian. “The faithful soul finds its good in everything that affects it; a principle more profound than that which governs the life of nature causes it […]

The Unfinished Pietà

“Good and evil have not changed since yesteryear, nor are they one thing among Elves and Dwarves and another among Men. It is a man’s part to discern them, as much in the Golden Wood as in his own house.” – J.R.R. Tolkien I’ve managed this blog since 2000. It was originally on Blogger and […]

Blaring Orchestria

“The man with the miniature orchestra” by Dave Algonquin. “There were phrases of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony that still made Coe cry. He always thought it had to do with the circumstances of the composition itself. He imagined Beethoven deaf and soul-sick, his heart broken, scribbling furiously while death stood in the doorway clipping his nails. […]

Christmas Sabbatical

I’ve been having problems with WordPress for a couple of weeks since a version update. I usually take these technical challenges as a sign to ‘retire’ from blogging and move onto other projects. (1) Ave Maria converted from the original 1964 Fantasia LP (2) Master of Modern Horror (3) Breaking Up? Let an App Do […]

Were you dazzled by the same constellation?

(1) Coffee: Words from a Grad Student/Addict

Holiday Jazz

(1) Unraveling Anthropologie’s Intoxicating Store Experience Credit: Felicia (2) The Gospel According to Peanuts: How A Charlie Brown Christmas almost didn’t happen (NRO)

Holiday Tinsel

(1) American Masters: Bing Crosby Rediscovered (1a) Hip to Be Square


I want to squish its FACE!!!

Weekend 295.0

(1) Reaching My Autistic Son Through Disney (NY TIMES) (2) Book Review: ‘Whistler’ by Daniel E. Sutherland (WSJ – Registration Required) “Unity and coherence in Whistler’s life, Mr. Sutherland suggests, came solely through creative purpose.”

Weekend 292.0

(1) Brompton Bicycle shows British manufacturing how to shift up a gear (2) Playmobil kicks off 40th year with double award win (3) Buying With the Bitcoin Crowd (Wall Street Journal)