Weekend 400.0

(1) Fall Museum Preview: 30 Outstanding Art Exhibitions to See in New York This Season (Artnet) (2) Michael Eisner on Former Disney Colleagues, Rivals and Bob Iger’s Successor (The Hollywood Reporter) (2a) Former Disney Boss Michael Eisner Seals Deal for English Soccer Team (Variety)

Weekend 399.0 (Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down)

I think ‘Weekend Post 400.0’ needs to be something spectacular but I’m getting a little ahead of myself. I’ve been busy mining bitcoins¹ and helping my friend grieve after his beloved seagulls were promoted to the top flight (hence the lack of posts). I get oodles of spam about LIMESTONE but always ‘legitimate’ requests for […]

Weekend 324.0 (Old Trafford)

(1) Giving that historic WIN at Old Trafford some perspective (#WeMarchOn). (2) Card Games: Touring from Winning Moves Games (3) Kingdom Hearts III???? (The Know It All: January 9, 2015) Credit: Bear (4) A quote from Inherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon: “…yet there is no avoiding time, the sea of time, the sea of memory […]

Weekend 306.0

(1) World Cup themed episode of Disney’s Mickey Mouse shorts debuts (2) Playmobil channels Mary Blair? (3) Book Review: ‘Bicycle Design: An Illustrated History’ by Tony Hadland and Hans-Erhard Lessing (WSJ – Registration Required) (4) What Type of Camera Clicks for You? (WSJ) (5) How about some lyrics from Green River Ordinance? Put on your […]

Weekend 301.0 (Memorial Day Weekend)

My sister always lends me great books and she found a real gem with In Unfamiliar England by Thos D. Murphy. Only forty pages invested, and there’s already been references to monastic ruins, martyrs, crusaders, and the Chicago World’s Fair. This is lembas for a stoic Anglophile. (1) Scare Away The Dark by Passenger (YouTube) […]

Thanksgiving Weekend 2013 (ISON Edition)

This is a close approximation! (1) Eastern and Western attitudes about life explained in 18 simple infographics Credit: Felicia (2) Drivers Get Rolled: Bicyclists are making unreasonable claims to the road—and winning (2a) Road safety minister to ride Brompton on tour of London’s danger spots (2b) The Safest Suburb In The World Did It By […]

Weekend 275.0+

Posting and cycling (sigh) have been sporadic because of the Limestone HQ move (then there were some unexpected technical challenges requiring an entirely separate post) but a return to normalcy is only 6.4 KM away. (1) Bike blog: Experiments in Speed (2) Sophia Amoruso Expands Nasty Gal (WSJ Magazine) (3) The Coveted Halls of the […]

Weekend 272.2 (…the Roman Road aslant the eastern border)

Going biking now (must remember sunblock today…my arms look like lobster claws). (1) A quote from A Good Parcel of English Soil (The Metropolitan Line) by Richard Mabey “But the spirit of the Metroland — a territory in the mind as much as on the ground, neighbourly, sentimental, oddball, accommodating and forever fraying at the […]

Weekend 257.0

Three from the journal, a **NEW** Mickey Mouse short, some lyrics, and a recap of the snowy US MNT World Cup Qualifier against Costa Rica in Denver. Also, still finishing Dream Drop Distance but distracted by Air Traffic Chaos. *York Station by Bertram Augustus Curry (1913) (1) Gaetano Pesce: The provocative Italian architect and designer […]

Weekend 255.0 (Content Outline)

On the heels of a rather brutal week at work, two industry-affirming articles from the journal: (1a) Bordellos for the Brain: The ups and (mostly) downs of conference mania (1b) At the Side of an Expert Exhibitionist: Museum planner and exhibition designer Melanie Ide starts the creative process with “total immersion” in her subject matter, […]

Weekend 183.0

(1) Easter Eggs! Related Photos from the Limestone Archives (1a) London Bookstore (1b) London Taxi (2) Beyond Spandex: Chic Styles for Cyclists Take Off (WSJ) (3) Roma sets sights on Landon Donovan? (4) “Woke up in London yesterday…found myself in the city near Piccadilly.” (5) Samsung Infuse 4G “Spider” The Greek language has two words […]

Teary Pitch

(1) Bolton Mourn Nat Lofthouse: Their Best Player And Biggest Fan

Wake Up! It’s Darby Day!

Liverpool versus Everton! Related Timothy Filiga “Tim” Cahill Limestone Archives (1) Weekend 129.1 (2) You’ll Never Walk Alone

Weekend 145.0

(1) Train Etiquette – A grumpy 22 year old’s code of locomotive conduct. (2) A Modest Proposal for Improving a Dull Game (WSJ) “Poor Ghana has been triumphed over by British, Portuguese, German, Dutch and Danish colonialists, the Kwame Nkrumah regime, a CIA-sponsored coup and at least four other coups just since the 1900s. But […]

Weekend 144.0 (July 4th)

(1) Make your own Playmobil® flash drive …when all of a sudden I found the one true sign that God wants me to quit my job, massacre Playmobil® men and turn them into functioning USB drives. (1a) Disassembly of your Playmobil® figures (1b) Know matter how hard I try on this project I just can’t […]