Weekend 445.0 (Terminus)

(1) A quote from Absolutely On Music by Haruki Murakami: “In that sense, Seiji Ozawa is simultaneously an unschooled ‘child of nature’ and a fountain of deep, practical wisdom; a man who must have what he wants immediately and who can be infinitely patient; a man with bright confidence in the people around him who […]

Weekend 433.0

(1) A cool link between Nolan Bushnell and Retta Scott. The quote is from They Drew As They Pleased: The Hidden Art of Disney’s Musical Years (The 1940s – Part One) by Didier Ghez: “From early 1983 to February 1984, Retta got to animate, develop character designs, and paint backgrounds (along with Mary Blair’s husband […]

Bermuda (Devil’s Isle), Part 3 of 3

Day 5 After a proper English breakfast in the clubhouse we departed for the Crystal Caves in Hamilton Parish. The caves were discovered in 1908 by two boys in search of a lost cricket ball. The guided tour is expensive, but the walk across Cahow Lake (at a depth of about ninety feet below the […]


“New occasions teach new duties; Time makes ancient good uncouth; They must upward still, and onward, Who would keep abreast of Truth. Lo, before us, gleam her camp-fires! We ourselves must Pilgrims be, Launch our ‘Mayflower,’ and steer boldly Through the desperate winter sea, Nor attempt the Future’s portal With the Past’s blood-rusted key.” – […]

Weekend 369.0

I do not know which to prefer, The beauty of inflections Or the beauty of innuendoes, The blackbird whistling Or just after. – Wallace Stevens “Do you wish to be great? Then begin from what is slightest. Do you plan to construct a high and mighty building? Then think first about the foundation of humility. […]

Plume & Primrose

Home-Thoughts, from Abroad I Oh, to be in England Now that April’s there, And whoever wakes in England Sees, some morning, unaware, That the lowest boughs and the brushwood sheaf Round the elm-tree bole are in tiny leaf, While the chaffinch sings on orchard bough In England – now! II And after April, when May […]

Weekend 338.0

(1) How theme parks like Disney World left the middle class behind (Washington Post) (2) The Brave Old Temeraire by James Duff Our friends depart, and are forgot, As time rolls fleetly by; In after years none, none are left, For them to heave a sigh; But hist’ry’s page will ever mark The glories she […]

Weekend 321.0

“I just want it to look like nothing else in the world. And it should be surrounded by a train.” ― Walt Disney (1) A Feast for the Guilt-Ridden Guest: Exploring complex themes with cunning wit and elaborate metaphors in George Herbert’s ‘Love (III)’ (WSJ) “But Herbert is most dear to us because his poems […]

Weekend 312.0 (Le mal du pays)

A couple of days off from work (a much needed extra long Labor Day Weekend) so I’m doing some housekeeping, biking, and drinking gratuitous amounts of coffee. I also finished Murkami’s book less than twenty-four hours after it arrived. (1) A quote from Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami “The […]

Weekend 291.0

(1) A Good Book Is a Good Friend (The Huffington Post) (2) How Real is Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’? Artificial Intelligence Experts Weigh In (WSJ) (2a) Tech Time Warp of the Week: In 1959, a Fitbit Weighed 2,000 Pounds (Wired) (3) Learning to Love Life on the Downslope (WSJ) I know there shall be enjoyments for […]

2013 Christmas Poem (by Mum)

HOST OF DAYS I watched a gyre of leaves…caught up in a rustling spin When admidst the whirl…a bird broke free Minding me to look within. I long embraced the sun…stirred by the pleasure of time ‘Til its piercing gaze…blazed a goodbye Scolding to sip the sublime. Cloaks of snow buttoned down…I hardly could bear […]


(1) A Flower Arrangement Based on a J.M.W. Turner Painting (WSJ) (2) Aurora Leigh by Elizabeth Barrett Browning Earth’s crammed with heaven, And every common bush afire with God: But only he who sees, takes off his shoes, The rest sit round it, and pluck blackberries, And daub their natural faces unaware More and more, […]

Weekend 276.0

Nice weekend in the northeast (weather-wise). Was able to bike a bit and noticed that the abandoned Free Spirit at the train station has been robbed of its tyres. My home office is in shambles but slowly being reconfigured/reassembled. One of the most amazing things about moving is uncovering and re-discovering “stuff” packed and forgotten […]

Weekend 274.0 (Baskets Encouraged)

Finished A History of Capitalism According to the Jubilee Line by John O’Farrell and The 32 Stops by Danny Dorling. The latter is a clever work using facts to provide insights into the human geography of London along the Central Line. Also, finished A Northern Line Minute by William Leith last night. It was like […]

Weekend 266.0

“Railways and the Church have their critics, but both are the best ways of getting a man to his ultimate destination.” — Wilbert Awdry What a great quote to describe my latest sojourn to London since both Church and Rail featured prominently. There were two travel objectives on my free day in London — The […]