Weekend 405.0 (…they sent us along as a surrogate band)

“Particularly when I am worn out by the upsets of the world, I cast myself without reservation on the love of those who are especially close to me.” – St. Augustine “Memory. The key ingredient in looking back over our lives and history. Often coloured by nostalgia or clouded by age, it links us to […]

Weekend 401.0

(1) How to Play World’s Fair 1893 (Rules School) with the Game Boy Geek (YouTube) (2) Brothers’ delight at their Playmobil pirate ship sailing to Scandinavia (The Telegraph)

Weekend 377.1

I thought I was a decent curator until I heard Faith Salie on Sunday Morning. She’s tough, but I agree with her. I have a scanner now (ditched the printer) and have been thinking about a project using books from the limestone library. I was thinking about one scan a week or one post a […]

Weekend 344.0 (If I only had one helmet I would give it you)

“He found himself wondering at times, especially in the autumn, about the wild lands, and strange visions of mountains that he had never seen came into his dreams.” – J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring (1) FUN with colleagues (1a) Nash to debut first-ever PLAYMOBIL NHL playsets (NHL) (2) My sister found a gorgeous […]

Weekend 338.0

(1) How theme parks like Disney World left the middle class behind (Washington Post) (2) The Brave Old Temeraire by James Duff Our friends depart, and are forgot, As time rolls fleetly by; In after years none, none are left, For them to heave a sigh; But hist’ry’s page will ever mark The glories she […]

Weekend 328.0

(1) In Japan, Dog Owners Feel Abandoned as Sony Stops Supporting ‘Aibo’ (WSJ) (2) Playing House (Metropolis)

Weekend 319.0

(1) Playmobil Prototypes (YouTube)

Weekend 315.0 (79.45%)

“In Him we live and move and exist.” ― St. Paul How many of your conversations this year started with, “it just seems like yesterday?” Projects that mark the passage of time are difficult because you realize (very profoundly) how precious time is. It seems like every three months #YOLO is trending on twitter, and […]

Weekend 313.0

It’s starting 1 day early. I have some stats from Playmobil365.com. Most Viewed Days: #41, #39, #40, #37, and #2 (1) Hometown Hero: Dow Chemical put Midland on the map, but architect and local scion Alden B. Dow made it the most modern town in Michigan. (Dwell) (2) Ancient Rome’s Bridge to Nowhere: The Ponte […]

Weekend 306.0

(1) World Cup themed episode of Disney’s Mickey Mouse shorts debuts (2) Playmobil channels Mary Blair? (3) Book Review: ‘Bicycle Design: An Illustrated History’ by Tony Hadland and Hans-Erhard Lessing (WSJ – Registration Required) (4) What Type of Camera Clicks for You? (WSJ) (5) How about some lyrics from Green River Ordinance? Put on your […]

Weekend 299.0 (Great Company)

(1) Horst Brandstätter inducted into Hall of Fame by Toy Industry Association (Playmobil Collectors Club) “He received the award for his outstanding role in the growth and development of the North American Toy Industry and hereby joins famous leaders like F.A.O. Schwarz, George Lucas or Walt Disney.” (2) One of my Playmobil365.com photos. Sailing the […]

Weekend 298.0 (Anniversary Edition)

Rubik’s Cube joins a list of pop culture icons celebrating significant anniversaries in 2014. The list already includes; Playmobil, 1964/65 New York World’s Fair, MST3K, Ford Mustang, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and the Nintendo Game Boy. (1) Rubik’s Cube Proves It’s Hip to be Square: Fortieth Anniversary of Toy Celebrated with Art Exhibition (WSJ) (1a) Classic […]


(1) My little collector (Brattleboro Reformer) “Mark McKinley, writing in ‘The National Psychologist,’ lists the many reasons why humans collect things: for fun and enjoyment, connecting with others who share similar interests, or viewing it as a big quest. Still others derive pleasure from ‘experimenting with arranging, re-arranging, and classifying parts of a-big-world-out-there.’ According to […]

Weekend 290.0 [And this is my deputy, McMillan and Wife.]

(1) Playmobil celebrates 40th anniversary with special edition products (Toy News) (1a) ITVS GE signs with Playmobil for Super 4 animation (2) The fructose kingpin. Photo by Kristin H. (3) data, data, data *The scan is a postcard from the 1939 New York World’s Fair — THE DONUT CASINO in the Health Building, 300 ft. […]

New Year’s Day 2014

Any predictions (bold or otherwise)? Resolutions or regrets? One of my resolutions for 2014 is to work on more creative projects. On that note… Just launched Playmobil365. The site is a year long photo tribute to Playmobil in honor of their 40th Anniversary. *The scan is from Here Is New York City (1962) by Susan […]