Weekend 392.0 (Who am I, darling to you?)

(1) Artist Handcrafts Colorful Ceramic Pots That Can Fit in the Palm of Your Hand (2) Never Built New York: An exhibition at the Queens Museum exploring 200 years of never built structures that imagines New York City as it might have been.

Weekend 378.0 (…so you can wipe off that grin, I know where you’ve been)

(1) Small Stories: At Home in a Dollhouse (National Building Museum) (2) A quote from Staying Up Much Too Late by Gordon Theisen: “The Phillies sign does not overwhelm Nighthawks the way that “Ex-Lax” overwhelms Drug Store. But it does top the otherwise signless diner, like a false heaven that keeps the starlight out and […]

Weekend 371.0

(1) How miniature objects reveal bigger pictures (CBS This Morning)

Weekend 283.0 (You’re the bloody barrister!)

(1) Miniature City Models Around the World: From the Panorama of the City of New York to Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany, downscaled versions of real places (WSJ) “Why do tiny things delight us so? From early childhood we’re captivated by model train sets and dollhouses, miniature worlds that can inspire flights of imagination. We […]

Weekend 275.0+

Posting and cycling (sigh) have been sporadic because of the Limestone HQ move (then there were some unexpected technical challenges requiring an entirely separate post) but a return to normalcy is only 6.4 KM away. (1) Bike blog: Experiments in Speed (2) Sophia Amoruso Expands Nasty Gal (WSJ Magazine) (3) The Coveted Halls of the […]

Weekend 235.0

(1) D23 Presents Armchair Archivist: The Magic of Models and Miniatures (2) Last Exile: First Impressions (Twenty Sided) I finished the series and now I’m thoroughly depressed (like when I finished KH1 or watched the last episode of the Macross Saga). I’ll post a review in the not so distant future but Shamus Young (see […]

Weekend 214.0 (Almost)

(1) The scan is from The Art of the The Secret World of Arrietty. I can’t scan the entire book BUT will add the abandoned gazebo (not tea house) in the garden that was featured in the final shot of the film. (1a) A Dollhouse Fit for a Queen (1b) Spoils! (2) A Bicycle Built […]

Weekend 213.0 (Arrietty)

My one sentence review of Arrietty. “Arrietty is adorable, diminutive, and special and the last scene features a tea house with stained glass windows.” I can’t draft anything that isn’t biased. I love Miyazaki and small things. The backgrounds were gorgeous and the music and characters were great. I love it (for very personal and […]


“The passion for tiny things–and miniatures were as popular among ordinary dads and secretaries as they were with royalty–is explained by the customary reaction to these dollhouses for grownups. How intricate the workmanship! How miraculous the detail! And all made my hand! Imagine that! Mrs. Thorne’s little rooms in San Francisco, and a second set […]

Weekend 201.0 (WSJ Edition+)

(1) Mastermind of the Mega-Coaster (2) Great Books Matter Culture – A catchall for any group of things or persons that one wants to link together for the purpose of discussion. (3) Building a Better Future (3a) Back to the Future (3b) “There were two factions of TMRC (Tech Model Railroad Club). Some members loved […]

Weekend 200.1

Found a pamphlet from the 1948 Chicago Railroad Fair at the Housatonic Model Railroad Club / Fairfield Historical Society train show this morning. From the pamphlet Retracing The Growth of a Nation As American railroading has grown so has the nation. Steel rails have been the veritable backbone of our country in its development from […]

Lilly Belle

Just as he loved to play soda jerk, he loved to play engineer. He would don an engineer’s cap and a plaid shirt, straddle the tender behind the engine, which he had named Lilly Belle, in Lillian’s honor, and fire up. Guests to the Disney home were invariably invited to take a ride on the […]

Weekend 187.0

“But if flight represents freedom, reinvention, and self-renewal—and barring all of that escape—then the terminal itself has evolved into something resembling a destination…They’re amnesiac places with no future and no past, only a continual present offering the same choices—flights, duty-free, and fast food—day after day after day. The reason we mourn that vanished era so […]

Weekend 186.0

(1) Morris Mini Cooper S (Flickr) (2) The Terrifying Truth About New Technology: Do robots and Twitter make you nervous? Growing old is what you’re really afraid of (3) Kumho Tires 2009 Commercial “Missing Something?” (4) “…paving tarmac was never enough. There needed to be some kind of catalyst present, whether it’s the Warfare State, […]

Weekend 183.0

(1) Easter Eggs! Related Photos from the Limestone Archives (1a) London Bookstore (1b) London Taxi (2) Beyond Spandex: Chic Styles for Cyclists Take Off (WSJ) (3) Roma sets sights on Landon Donovan? (4) “Woke up in London yesterday…found myself in the city near Piccadilly.” (5) Samsung Infuse 4G “Spider” The Greek language has two words […]