Weekend 305.1

“St. Francis de Sales one day was looking at a rose, and he put his hands to his ears and he said to the rose, ‘Stop shouting.’ There is a power in the love of God. Most people today look at a rose and they don’t see anything; only a name, a color, a fragrance. […]

Weekend 304.0 (1958)

Gardening with vines? Show off, effortlessly, by intertwining two types http://t.co/GsxCluetcV pic.twitter.com/KX2utRInz6 — WSJ Life & Culture (@WSJLife) June 21, 2014

Weekend 267.0 (Unfinished Symphonies)

How does a bicycling monk spend his weekend? Started Saturday by biking to mass (need to do this more often) and then to a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new bike/walk route: (1) Like bikes? Fairfield offers new path to enjoyment: Bicyclists take an inaugural ride on the the new Mill Plain Road bike/walk route […]

Weekend 237.0 (Son of a Florist)

Spent Saturday at Greenwich Park and snapped this little ditty in the Rose Garden. The park (and the area around it) is fantastic and after a little sleep I will post some more photos and a bevy of links. In the meantime…did you know there is a rose called an Ingrid Bergman? Also, the Chapel […]