Weekend 382.1

(1) The British Castle—A Symbol in Stone / Friday, April 7, 2017 – Sunday, August 6, 2017 (Yale Center for British Art) (2) Creative Space: Jane Smith

Weekend 381.0

‘Even though an old proverb says, “too much special knowledge makes you stupid” I, as a craftsman, must say that having gone through an apprenticeship in the field of applied art, gives me certain advantages in the difficult art of design, as compared to those who partly or completely work from theoretical knowledge.’ – Kay […]


A Gruen inspired renaissance? (1) The Mall Rises Again: How to breathe new life into America’s much-maligned indoor shopping centers. (City-Journal) (2) A related quote from Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination by Neal Gabler Imagineers said that when they were planning Tomorrowland, Walt would carry books around on city planning and mutter […]

Weekend 307.0

(1) Designer Jasper Morrison on Beautiful Basics and Tintin (WSJ) “By worrying when the next idea might come, you restrict yourself—with the perspective of time, he’d learned to treat design more lightly, to enjoy it.” (2) A quote from The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved by Hunter S. Thompson “Pink faces with a stylish […]

Weekend 296.0

“I hope you are teaching Quality to your students.” — Sarah to Phaedrus (Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance) (1) Commuting: The Joys of the Brompton Bicycle (2) Northampton’s Traditional Shoemaking Revival (WSJ Magazine) (3) Designer Konstantin Grcic on Dream Cars, Puffed-Up Trends (WSJ) “My greatest passion today is: bicycles, specifically small-wheeled ones. I […]

Weekend 288.0

(1) These 20 Pictures Of Expo 67 Will Leave You Speechless. There Are No Words (1a) ‘Norman Bel Geddes: I Have Seen the Future’ (WSJ) (2) As City Cycling Grows, So Does Bike Tax Temptation (3) Horst Brandstätter My Last Meal: The octogenarian head of Playmobil shares lunch at the staff canteen of the company […]

Weekend 285.0

(1) ‘Non-Stop’ by Jack El-Hai: How a small local carrier grew into the most debonair of airlines before declining into “Northworst.” (WSJ) (2) 20 Odd Questions for Designer Marcel Wanders (WSJ) “With design, the most common mistake is: to think it’s about functionality. If something is functional, you no longer think about it. I care […]

Weekend 278.0

(1) Linden Green: Design’s Color of the Season (WSJ) (2) Book Review: ‘Why We Build’ by Witold Rybczynski | ‘How Architecture Works’ by Rowan Moore (WSJ – Registration Required) (3) Halloween Colors: Where Did They Come From?

Weekend 277.0 (Autumn Biking Adventures)

(1) This App Will Help You Find A Quiet Space In The Loud, Bustling City (1a) Metro-North Commuters Slog to Work: After Power Outage, It Could Be Days Before Normalcy Returns to New Haven Line (WSJ) On the plus side, diesel locos from Stamford! (2) A quote from The Blue Riband (The Piccadilly Line) by […]

Weekend 274.0 (Baskets Encouraged)

Finished A History of Capitalism According to the Jubilee Line by John O’Farrell and The 32 Stops by Danny Dorling. The latter is a clever work using facts to provide insights into the human geography of London along the Central Line. Also, finished A Northern Line Minute by William Leith last night. It was like […]

Weekend 250.0 (Where Orwell meets Nordlinger)

“Solitude gives birth to the original in us, to beauty unfamiliar and perilous — to poetry.” — Thomas Mann (1) The Wall Street Journal is publishing most its newest content behind the pay wall but if you have the means find a copy of A Designer Spin on the ‘Grandma Bike’. You should be subscribing […]

Weekend 249.0

(1) In the New Campaign, Honda Proves that “Things Can Always Be Better” – The advertisement features a Brompton

The Possible Present

“The EPCOT system features trains consisting of four attached cars, with each car seating up to four guests. The trains are much larger than either the Disneyland or Magic Kingdom versions. The ‘headway time,’ the waiting time until the next vehicle arrives, is a mere three minutes. If a train is not already at the […]

Weekend 239.0 (Cycling Weekend)

(1) My Orange Brompton: A blog for those who want, own or love Brompton Folding Bicycles. (1a) This cat has great taste in colour (and he seems to have a tyre fetish). He also rides in and about Richmond, London which is the penultimate in neatness since I occasionally travel there. Images of Richmond courtesy […]

Weekend 236.0

(1) Klaus Biesenbach: The Museum of Modern Art curator, who’s cultivated his own celebrity status, on why art should be disruptive and deeply inspiring, and need not hang preciously on the walls. (WSJ Magazine) “Museums used to be places where you couldn’t buy anything, so it’s important now that museums be participatory without being stores. […]