Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?!

Fun and retro. I’m an older gamer and this title (in terms of gameplay) has been compared to The Legend of Zelda (and if you can find the collectors edition similar to Ultima IV in terms of packaging). The other franchise/series I enjoy is Kingdom Hearts but those titles (particularly Birth by Sleep and Dream […]

Weekend 232.1

I took Burgoyne to see “Century of the Child: Growing by Design, 1900–2000” at the MoMA this weekend. This was an incredible exhibition and included works by Peter Ellenshaw and Mary Blair. This is more than a toy exhibit and explores, in the words of Juliet Kinchin: …the fascinating confluence, unique to the twentieth century, […]

Weekend 220.0 (Send in the Clowns)

(1) Man Bites Dog “The Obama administration was from the outset a clown car heading for disaster, the unholy issue of ’30s mobsters and ’60s Marxists, slickly packaged for a new generation of suckers.” (2) Noonan: America’s Crisis of Character (WSJ) “There is the General Services Administration scandal. An agency devoted to efficiency is outed […]