Weekend 412.0

Quiet weekend. I took a look at my list of personal goals for 2018 (hastily drafted during my holiday sabbatical) and was frightened by the lack of progress. (1) Route Plan Roll / London Cycle Map (2) Japanese Illustrator Creates Beautiful Handbook of the Birds You’ll Find in Tokyo (My Modern Met)

The Orange Ninja (and other links)

I was at NYCC yesterday with my brother and snapped this photo of the orange ninja. It’s his 15th anniversary. (1) Naruto Manga Sequel Coming in 2015 (1a) Orange Ninja Factoid from Naruto: The Official Fanbook “According to the neighborhood records, Naruto’s hobby is gardening. A little surprising, but possibly he sees himself as a […]

Weekend 343.0

(1) Tokyo’s abandoned homes (Domain) (2) A quote from The Heart of our Cities by Victor Gruen: “A healthy city heart attracts and holds creative people–painters, sculptors, musicians, poets, actors and actresses, dancers, philosophers, architects, writers and planners. It is a haven for those who find in its environment not only a source of income, […]

Weekend 309.0

(1) Sturmey Archer “The Planetary Gearset” (YouTube) (2) Speed Traps For Japan’s Escalators (WSJ – Registration Required) (3) Shakespeare as a Life Coach (WSJ) “The world is grown so bad that wrens make pray where eagles dare not perch.” – William Shakespeare, Richard III (4) ‘A Spy Among Friends’ (WSJ – Registration Required) (5) A […]

Weekend 286.0

(1) Brompton aims to boost sales in New York (2) Why bike sharing benefits everyone (even if you already own a bike) (3) Masdar: the shifting goalposts of Abu Dhabi’s ambitious eco-city (4) The Tokyo tourist guide (5) Playmobil Xplory Stroller: They say that it’s the little things in life that make us happy and […]

Weekend 284.0

(1) A resort train winds through Kyushu (NHKWorld) (2) Model R.R. (Pop Pop)

Weekend 273.0 (Train-spotters)

(1) A quote from What We Talk About When We Talk About The Tube (The District Line) by John Lanechester “When you start researching the Underground, you soon realize there’s a reason why trainspotters are generally regarded as setting the gold standard for nerdy knowledgeability about a subject. In America, train-spotters are known as ‘foamers’, […]

Weekend 272.2 (…the Roman Road aslant the eastern border)

Going biking now (must remember sunblock today…my arms look like lobster claws). (1) A quote from A Good Parcel of English Soil (The Metropolitan Line) by Richard Mabey “But the spirit of the Metroland — a territory in the mind as much as on the ground, neighbourly, sentimental, oddball, accommodating and forever fraying at the […]

Weekend 215.0 (Inventors Edition)

(1) The Nucleus of the Digital Age: In pursuit of hydrogen bombs, a math genius and a brilliant tinkerer in Princeton developed the modern computer (WSJ) (2) A related quote from Breaking Ground by Daniel Libeskind “Nobody has captured that awakening as exquisitely as Marcel Proust in Time Regained, when the narrator trips against ‘the […]

Weekend 209.1 (Tires/Tyres)

Yeah. I’ve added a category for tires/tyres because of my obsession with vulcanized rubber. Photographs of tires/tyres for me are like hi-res food shots to foodies. I watched Tokyo Story last night and Noriko [Setsuko Hara] was employed by the Yoneyama Trading Company whose business was tires apparently (?). Speaking of pron; here is some […]

Weekend 193.0 (Planes, Trains and Automobiles)

(1) Window of the World (2) FIAT Drive In (3) Ryōmō Line (3a) East Japan Railway Company (3b) Iwafune Station (3c) Tribute to Makoto Shinkai (Part III) (4) Tony Parsons jets into Heathrow airport as writer-in-residence (4a) Heathrow writers-in-residence give new meaning to airport novels (5) The One Airport to Avoid Is… (WSJ)

Weekend 190.0

Absolutely gorgeous summer day in New England! (1) Bright Colors Struggle to Bloom in South Korea’s Silver-Car Nation (WSJ) (2) Adventure on the Rails (WSJ Magazine) (3) Custom Cycling’s Big Wheel (WSJ) He hired two people to take care of the business side of the shop. ‘The big thing I have learned is to free […]