Weekend 350.0

“On earth we are wayfarers, always on the go. This means that we have to keep on moving forward. Therefore be always unhappy about what you are if you want to reach what you are not.” – St. Augustine (1) China’s Ghost Cities (YouTube) (2) Light, time, legacy: Francis Towne’s watercolours review – the romance […]

Weekend 279.0 (Post Con/Abridged)

(1) Disney to Release Space Mountain Graphic Novel with Gorgeous Kelley Jones Art (1a) The Guy Who Created Star Tours and Splash Mountain: Disney Legend and former Imagineering executive Tony Baxter shares his wealth of knowledge and experience gained from dreaming up iconic theme park attractions throughout his Disney career. (D23 Member-Only Content) (1b) Souvenir! […]

Weekend 193.0 (Planes, Trains and Automobiles)

(1) Window of the World (2) FIAT Drive In (3) Ryōmō Line (3a) East Japan Railway Company (3b) Iwafune Station (3c) Tribute to Makoto Shinkai (Part III) (4) Tony Parsons jets into Heathrow airport as writer-in-residence (4a) Heathrow writers-in-residence give new meaning to airport novels (5) The One Airport to Avoid Is… (WSJ)

Weekend 192.1

(1) Trouble on the China Express (WSJ) In a blistering essay titled “The Derailed Country,” posted online this past week and then quickly removed by censors, Han Han, one of China’s most popular bloggers, mocked the leadership for what he characterized as a heartless approach to development. “They think: ‘We built this. We built that. […]

Thomas Friedman was devastated…

China’s High-Speed Rail, Highly Suspect Related High Speed Rail To Nowhere…Winning The Future A Wasted Billion At A Time

Thanks China!

“The US government has a technology, called a printing press, that allows it to produce as many US dollars as it wishes at essentially no cost.” – Ben Bernanke

Red Ink

A Weakened U.S. Goes to the G-20 The American leaders are under the illusion that their Keynesian spending and easy money policies actually have worked, 10% unemployment notwithstanding. It surely must have occurred to some Europeans that lectures on fiscal rectitude from the Americans display a modicum of hypocrisy. The German Bundestag is hearing the […]