Weekend 208.1

(1) Ten Remarkable U.S. Bridges (2) Bermuda Journey, Fourth Impression 1958, William Zuill “For many years Front Street was the only business street in the town and here were situated the warehouses of the merchants, many of whom lived on the upper floors of their premises, enjoying, from pleasant verandas facing the harbor, the prevailing […]

Weekend 143.2

(1) Donovan to Man City? (Baltimore Sun) (2) Defeating a pesky DUSTFLIER (YouTube) (3) Burgoyne and his uncle built the Tamiya Solar Car (CY601) this weekend. I like the Aerial Ropeway Passenger Cabin (#70120). (3A) Compression: Aerial Ropeway (Limestone Archives) (4) The Instapundit on the deliciousness of the Dark ‘n’ Stormy. The blogger with many […]