Weekend 357.0

(1) The limestone reading queue: (a) 1946 by Victor Sebestyen (b) Robert Moses: The Master Builders of New York City by Pierre Christin and Olivier Balez (c) Before Tomorrowland by Jeff Jensen, Jonathan Case, Brad Bird, and Damon Lindelof (d) Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow: Walt Disney and Technology by Christian Moran with Rolly Crump, Bob […]

Weekend 356.1 (Ending on a High ♫♫♫♫)

Images from Your Lie in April. More here and here.

The Orange Ninja (and other links)

I was at NYCC yesterday with my brother and snapped this photo of the orange ninja. It’s his 15th anniversary. (1) Naruto Manga Sequel Coming in 2015 (1a) Orange Ninja Factoid from Naruto: The Official Fanbook “According to the neighborhood records, Naruto’s hobby is gardening. A little surprising, but possibly he sees himself as a […]

Weekend 299.0 (Great Company)

(1) Horst Brandstätter inducted into Hall of Fame by Toy Industry Association (Playmobil Collectors Club) “He received the award for his outstanding role in the growth and development of the North American Toy Industry and hereby joins famous leaders like F.A.O. Schwarz, George Lucas or Walt Disney.” (2) One of my Playmobil365.com photos. Sailing the […]

Weekend 294.0

(1) 10 Need-To-Know Fun Facts About The Wind Rises (D23) (1a) The Wind Rises: Directed by Hayao Miyazaki (Rolling Stone) “The wind is rising. We must try to live.” — Paul Valéry (2) Digital Love Story: Boy Meets Girl on Flickr

Weekend 272.0 (22.2 x 21.5 x 9.8 inches)

Greetings Professor Falken. I love McPharlin’s work. It is like a homage to some of my favorite people and things— Chuck “Chuckles” Bueche, paper, Chris Ware, computers, Harry Beck, music, Cabinet Magazine, miniatures, and the WOPR. (1) Posters of the London Underground (WSJ) (1a) One final lengthy quote from Earthbound (The Bakerloo Line) by Paul […]

Weekend 235.0

(1) D23 Presents Armchair Archivist: The Magic of Models and Miniatures (2) Last Exile: First Impressions (Twenty Sided) I finished the series and now I’m thoroughly depressed (like when I finished KH1 or watched the last episode of the Macross Saga). I’ll post a review in the not so distant future but Shamus Young (see […]

Weekend 233.0 (Contrails)

Anime Update: I’ve finally started watching Last Exile. This is older animation now but the story is addictive. I’m not as invested in these characters as I was with Clannad After Story but I’ve only watched 4/5 episodes. I do like Lavie and Tatiana Wisla is a first-class bad ass. September and October are shaping […]

New England Spring Rain

I have nothing to post but wanted an excuse to use this image from Clannad After Story. I have one episode left which I plan on watching tonight. I’m not sure I entirely understood the storyline but could grasp the bits about fate/destiny, human suffering (and M-theory). There was a fantastic quote in episode 15 […]

Weekend 223.1 (filaments and figments)

“Detailing his stories in meticulous and carefully crafted artwork, Chris Ware lays out an irresistibly beautiful world of deficits and defects. While nowadays a seemingly endless archive of superhero comics is shamelessly exploited for bland 3D animated blockbusters, Chris Ware set out to prove the narrative potential of visual writing. In stark contrast to the […]

Weekend 214.1

Apologies for the BLOG maintenance. Still testing WP install and updates. Done for the weekend. I just need to create a CUSTOM 404 but need an assist from my creative director. (1) Bike FRAME from Clannad! (1a) Another FRAME from Clannad (2) More scans from The Secret World of Arrietty here and here (3) The […]

Weekend 214.0 (Almost)

(1) The scan is from The Art of the The Secret World of Arrietty. I can’t scan the entire book BUT will add the abandoned gazebo (not tea house) in the garden that was featured in the final shot of the film. (1a) A Dollhouse Fit for a Queen (1b) Spoils! (2) A Bicycle Built […]

Weekend 213.3 (bits and bobs)

(1) “What other commute can compete with the sights of the limestone Landwasser Viaduct and the Piz Bernina peak?” – MONOCLE, February 2012 (2) Kibun is NO Toast but he’s squishy nonetheless (2a) PRICELESS: “Botan! Plushie mode. This is one of Botan’s seven tricks. When she’s like this people will think you’re a plushie enthusiast […]

Weekend 213.0 (Arrietty)

My one sentence review of Arrietty. “Arrietty is adorable, diminutive, and special and the last scene features a tea house with stained glass windows.” I can’t draft anything that isn’t biased. I love Miyazaki and small things. The backgrounds were gorgeous and the music and characters were great. I love it (for very personal and […]

The Green Scarf Dispatch Company

(1) Still tweaking the design! (2) Pixar Animator Enrico Casarosa On The Inspiring Work Of Hayao Miyazaki (3) Top 10 Romantic Movies for Geeks (4) Pod Hotels Coming To An Airport Near You (5) Page By Page Creative Lamp