The one on the west coast. I was there for a long weekend and in traditional limestone fashion wanted to draft a top ten… (1) The Hollywood Theater at PDX. My favorite shorts from the Summer Program are Oregon: Only Slightly Exaggerated and The Famished Frog. I also liked The Water’s Fine because it reminds […]

São Paulo

I was in São Paulo last week for work. It was a quick trip, with a packed agenda, so the opportunity for exploration was limited. I have a top ten list though… (1) Cargo Bikes (Copenhagenize Design Company) (2) Eisenbahn Pale Ale (BeerAdvocate) (3) Estação da Luz “Ever since this station was completed in 1901, […]

Gruen on Eero Saarinen

“An illustration of how this desire for publicity can influence the architect’s work can be found in comparing two air terminal buildings designed by the same architect, the late, extremely gifted Eero Saarinen. One of these buildings, the TWA terminal at Idlewild, New York (now John F. Kennedy International Airport), obviously was based on the […]

Weekend 283.0 (You’re the bloody barrister!)

(1) Miniature City Models Around the World: From the Panorama of the City of New York to Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany, downscaled versions of real places (WSJ) “Why do tiny things delight us so? From early childhood we’re captivated by model train sets and dollhouses, miniature worlds that can inspire flights of imagination. We […]

Weekend 280.0

I always post lists without any context so this post concludes with some [context]. And highly experimental since pronouns are rubbish. (1) ‘Mars Attacks’ again, 50 years later (USA Today) (2) The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival Ends (2a) Chris Ware: ‘There is a magic when you read an image that moves in your mind’ […]

Weekend 276.0

Nice weekend in the northeast (weather-wise). Was able to bike a bit and noticed that the abandoned Free Spirit at the train station has been robbed of its tyres. My home office is in shambles but slowly being reconfigured/reassembled. One of the most amazing things about moving is uncovering and re-discovering “stuff” packed and forgotten […]

Weekend 274.0 (Baskets Encouraged)

Finished A History of Capitalism According to the Jubilee Line by John O’Farrell and The 32 Stops by Danny Dorling. The latter is a clever work using facts to provide insights into the human geography of London along the Central Line. Also, finished A Northern Line Minute by William Leith last night. It was like […]

Weekend 272.0 (22.2 x 21.5 x 9.8 inches)

Greetings Professor Falken. I love McPharlin’s work. It is like a homage to some of my favorite people and things— Chuck “Chuckles” Bueche, paper, Chris Ware, computers, Harry Beck, music, Cabinet Magazine, miniatures, and the WOPR. (1) Posters of the London Underground (WSJ) (1a) One final lengthy quote from Earthbound (The Bakerloo Line) by Paul […]

Weekend 269.0 (July 4th Weekend)

(1) The 10 Best folding bikes: The popularity of folding bikes means there is now a huge range, whether you want one for commuting or rugged off-road riding (The Independent) (1a) Old locomotive flanked by diminutive wheels (Flickr) (2) A Look at Kinn: the US-Made Midtail (Lovely Bicycle!) (2a) Cargo Bikes: The New Station Wagon […]

Weekend 255.0 (Content Outline)

On the heels of a rather brutal week at work, two industry-affirming articles from the journal: (1a) Bordellos for the Brain: The ups and (mostly) downs of conference mania (1b) At the Side of an Expert Exhibitionist: Museum planner and exhibition designer Melanie Ide starts the creative process with “total immersion” in her subject matter, […]

Weekend 216.0

(1) How To Be Creative (WSJ) (2) The London Oratory (2a) @LondonOrat – “We must pray incessantly for the gift of perseverance.” (3) The Story of The Famous Poster – Keep Calm and Carry On (VIDEO) – England, books, history, trains and Stuart and Mary Manley. (3a) Barter Books (3b) The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores […]

Weekend 213.2 (Seat backs and tray tables in their…)

(1) Picnic on the Take-off Strip (2) “Hello Kitty” Air Jet by EVA Airways (3) A5/05: Lufthansa and Graphic Design: Visual History of an Airplane (4) ‘Now Boarding: Fentress Airports + The Architecture of Flight’ Exhibition

The Green Scarf Dispatch Company

(1) Still tweaking the design! (2) Pixar Animator Enrico Casarosa On The Inspiring Work Of Hayao Miyazaki (3) Top 10 Romantic Movies for Geeks (4) Pod Hotels Coming To An Airport Near You (5) Page By Page Creative Lamp

Weekend 206.0

(1) Anglo-Portuguese Treaty of 1373 (2) Fantastic hyperrealistic oil paintings by Steve Mills (3) Ways to Manage an Image (WSJ) (3a) The Art and Soul of Disney (4) Jean Nouvel: The Pritzker-winning French architect checks in on hotels, carousels and burning down the house (WSJ) (5) Nintendo Introduces Free Airport Hotspots For 3DS Users (5a) […]

Weekend 193.0 (Planes, Trains and Automobiles)

(1) Window of the World (2) FIAT Drive In (3) Ryōmō Line (3a) East Japan Railway Company (3b) Iwafune Station (3c) Tribute to Makoto Shinkai (Part III) (4) Tony Parsons jets into Heathrow airport as writer-in-residence (4a) Heathrow writers-in-residence give new meaning to airport novels (5) The One Airport to Avoid Is… (WSJ)